Aspirating Fire Alarm Systems

Aspirating smoke detectors operate by drawing air in through a network of pipes with holes strategically placed within them to allow air to be drawn through the pipe network. The pipes are connected to an aspirating device which houses a high sensitive smoke detector that samples the air drawn through the pipe network for smoke particles.

Aspirating detectors have  many advantages over ceiling mounted point detectors, such as;

  • Higher sensitivity
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs
  • The detectors can be situated away from harsh environments
  • The air can be filtered or heated before reaching the detectors
  • Easier to maintain in areas such as lift shafts, ceiling voids or under floor boards
  • Ideal for use where aesthetics are important or where the application must be vandal proof
  • Better performance where there

Suitable applications for Aspirating Systems are:

  • Data or Comms Rooms – where very early detection of smoke is required to indicate potential problems with critical data servers.
  • High Level Warehouses – where warehouse heights make standard smoke detectors inoperable or maintenance of those detectors is not practical.
  • Cold Stores – where standard smoke detection would corrode or give false alarms due to water ingress.
  • Waste Sites – where dust particles would set off standard detectors or dirt may make them inoperable.
  • Private Houses – where discreet smoke detection is required.

Our layered approach to aspirating systems allows a number of different solutions to be brought together to form a comprehensive solution.

We’ll match your needs to the most effective technologies at affordable prices, employing resilient platforms and interactive operations with fire and security to provide comprehensive solutions.

We’ll support your entire system lifecycle, including testing, inspection and preventive maintenance.

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