FM-200, NOVEC and Sapphire Systems

Special Hazards can be declared as a room or a piece of equipment and generally occur in areas with a high concentration of technical equipment, such as data centers and testing facilities. Special hazards offer unique solutions for these areas if traditional fire alarms and sprinkler systems cannot adequately protect the designated area.

Special Hazard Systems are defined as but not limited to:

  • Any area containing equipment or processes of exceptionally high value
  • Any area containing unique or irreplaceable assets, such as museums and archives
  • Any area or process area where the revenue produced or its function is of greater value than the equipment itself

Special Hazard Fire Protection systems include detection and control coupled with a fire suppression system are designed to

  • quickly detect an incipient fire or heat condition
  • suppress fires when sprinklers are not appropriate as the first and only means of fire protection
  • protect people
  • mitigate business interruption
  • limit the loss of assets, information, equipment, and revenue

Special Hazard Fire Protection systems  are required to be design, install, service, and maintain by uniquely trained and qualified personnel.

Most Common Types of Special Hazard Fire Protection systems are:


Shiramafiretex is a leading FM-200 System installer in Nigeria as well as other special hazard fire protection system. From computer rooms to fuel-pump islands, rare documents to manufacturing equipment, we will design and install, special hazards suppression systems that can help to protect high-risk, high-value environments and operations. If your organization includes sites where chemicals, flammables, processes or equipment require specialized fire protection and suppression solutions, talk to us.

Shiramafirtex will Plan, design, install, service and support sophisticated special hazards systems tailored to your need and supplement suppression with specialty fire extinguishers.Additionally, we have access to an extraordinary depth of products from the world’s leading brands, including TYCO, HYGOOD, FIKE, ANSUL, VIKINGS, PYRO-CHEM etc

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