Emergency & Exit Lighting

Emergency lighting and  exit lights are a statutory vital part of the fire security of any property – the reliability and visibility cannot be compromised for any reason.

When outages occur, occupants may not have confidence navigating buildings safely. Areas such as stairwells, internal offices, restrooms, storage areas and other spaces with little or no natural light can be especially difficult to navigate without functional emergency lighting, but these aren’t the only areas of concern. Emergency lighting and  exit lights are designed to guide people to safety during an emergency and  are Stand-alone system, which means they will stay lit during a power failure.

There are three main aspects of emergency escape lighting:

  • escape route lighting;
  • open area / anti-panic area lighting;
  • high risk task area lighting.

Escape route lighting is the part of an emergency lighting system provided to enable the swift and safe evacuation of a building by illuminating its escape routes, such as corridors and stairways, and also the location of fire-fighting equipment, e.g. fire extinguishers and safety / security equipment such as key boxes holding emergency keys to exit doors. As such, escape route lighting can be seen to be a fundamental requirement of fire safety provision in all non-domestic premises and public areas.

Large public buildings such as shopping malls, museums and exhibition halls, etc., attract significant numbers of visitors who will not be familiar with the layout of the premises. Panic may therefore ensue should emergency evacuation be triggered by the sounding of the fire alarm. Open area / anti-panic lighting is relevant in such situations to aid in the identification of escape routes and exits and the guidance of people towards them.

High risk task lighting is a specific type of emergency lighting provided to ensure the safety of people involved in a potentially dangerous process or situation. It must be sufficient to enable the requisite shut-down procedures to be implemented. This type of lighting will only apply across a limited range of scenarios.

Self-Contained Emergency Exit Lights.

Self-contained emergency exit lights contain their own backup power source such as a battery or super capacitor, and a variety of additional features, such as wireless monitoring or self-testing. Self-contained emergency exit lights can be used in smaller properties, or by combining super-capacitor technology and wireless monitoring, in virtually any location. With these technologies, modern high performance emergency exit lights can be used.

The three main types of self-contain exit lights with capacitor include

  • Basic Self-Contained Emergency Exit Lights with Super Capacitor or Battery.
  • Self-Contained Emergency Exit Lights with Super Capacitor or Battery and Self-Testing
  • Self-Contained Emergency Exit Lights with Super Capacitor or Battery and Wireless Central Monitoring.

Centrally supplied emergency exit lights

Centrally supplied emergency exit lights require a central battery unit. These systems can vary from relatively small ones containing only a centrally operating battery unit without additional features, to addressable central battery systems with remote monitoring, automatic testing and a wide range of other optional features.

Centrally supplied emergency exit lights could be addressable or non-addressable


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