Public Address & Voice Alarm (PAVA) Systems

Studies have consistently shown that people respond more readily and with less panic in a fire condition (and other emergency situations) when spoken instructions are used rather than loud electric sounders or bells.

  • 13% of people reacted in a timely manner to a bell or tone
  • 75% of people reacted quickly to a voice message explaining the nature of the emergency

A voice alarm system (sometimes referred to as a voice evacuation Emergency Voice-Alarm communications (EVAC) system) is installed with the safety of staff and general public in mind. It is a system that assists in the effective evacuation of an area or building during a fire, bomb alert or other emergency via pre-recorded messages.

A public address system (PA) system is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to speak to a large public, for example for announcements of movements at large and noisy air and rail terminals or at a sports stadium or amplify other audio content, such as recorded music or the live sound of a band

A PAVA System is therefore a system that combines the functions of Voice EVAC and Public Address System.

Depending on the anticipated emergency scenario, building and use type, number and type of occupants and criticality of contents and mission, Shiramafiretex has the expertise and experience to design, install and maintain advanced PAVA system that is reliable, flexible and survivable tailored for a wide range of applications and markets that deliver the following:

  • Clear easily understood instruction/directions to people in the building
  • Opportunities for live messages giving exact instructions where people are not familiar with the surroundings
  • Improved management of phased evacuation
  • Reliable system that work in concert with your fire and security system to deliver optimal protection.
  • Real-time emergency notification system- Audible and visual notification as well as text displays – to share lifesaving information both within and outside of buildings transmitted from a central location
  • Area-specific messaging based on type and location of threat
  • One-way and two-way voice communications that can be delivered
  • Entertainment such as background music in leisure areas
  • Spot advertisements in retail
Public Address & Voice-Alarm (PAVA) Systems

Our layered approach to emergency communication allows a number of different solutions to be brought together to form a comprehensive solution.  From emergency voice systems, fire alarm voice systems to multi-candela amber strobes and visual displays, our solutions can warn of fire conditions and other emergencies.

  • Installed and serviced by one company, with one point of accountability, we can strengthen your life-safety program with an emergency communications solution that integrates into your existing infrastructure as well as your pertinent policies, procedures and operations related to safety and security.
  • We’ll match your needs to the most effective technologies at affordable prices, employing resilient platforms and interactive operations with fire and security to provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Support your entire system lifecycle, including testing, inspection and preventive maintenance. .

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