Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems installations in Nigeria is evolving rapidly in complexity from simple conventional systems to addressable and analogue addressable systems especially with the ever increasing number of high rise building across major cities in Nigeria. Installation of Wireless Systems is equally growing rapidly especially in already existing buildings.

Depending on the anticipated fire scenario, building and use type, number and type of occupants and criticality of contents and mission, Shiramafiretex has the expertise and experience to design, install and maintain advanced fire safety solution and systems that are reliable, flexible and survivable tailored for a wide range of buildings, applications and markets that provide several main functions as follows.

  • Provide a means to identify a developing fire through either manual or automatic methods
  • Alert building occupants to a fire condition and the need to evacuate
  • Transmit an alarm notification signal to the fire department or other emergency response organization.
  • Shut down electrical, air handling equipment or special process operations,
  • Initiate automatic suppression systems.
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Our layered approach to fire alarm systems installations allows a number of different solutions to be brought together to form a comprehensive solution.  From Fire detection and Alarm, Voice & emergency evacuation systems, to multi-candela, amber strobes and visual displays, our solutions ensure early warning of fire conditions and other emergencies.


At Shiramafiretex we can customize a fire alarm system and an emergency voice communications system that

  • Provides dedicated manual and automatic facilities for the origination, control and transmission of information and instructions pertaining to a fire alarm emergency to the occupants of the building, including fire department personnel.
  • Provides notification for partial evacuation or relocation of the occupants of a high-rise building.
  • Provide automatic or manual voice capability to permit voice instructions to the building occupants, either selectively or throughout the building.
  • Interfaces with other systems and devices: stairwell pressurization; HVAC damper control; smoke control; door control; and security systems.
  •  Incorporate firefighter telephones, fire department radio repeater systems and/or bi-directional amplifiers.

We can, with system Installed and serviced by one company, with one point of accountability, strengthen your life-safety program with a fire alarm solution that integrates into your existing infrastructure and operations related to safety and security.

At Shiramafiretex ,we will

  • Match your needs to the most effective technologies at affordable prices, employing resilient platforms and interactive operations with fire and security to provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Support your entire system lifecycle, including testing, inspection and preventive maintenance.
  • Provide Flexible, reliable, cost-effective and highly scalable systems that can grow and expand as buildings change and life safety needs evolve
  • Provide Notification systems that provide you and emergency responders with fast, accurate information in an emergency
  • Provide Addressable notification that offers less disruption of operations and more business continuity
  • Provide Networked solutions to enable control from a single location
  • Provide Systems with unique ability to work with systems from any manufacturer. This means that all your systems work together as an integrated whole.

Shiramafiretex as an expert installer of fire alarm systems, emergency communication systems, and Voice Alarm Systems in Nigeria is equally a leading distributor of a wide range of Fire Alarm Accessories and Equipment in Nigeria including the following world leading brands:

For a Fire Alarm system, whether Conventional, Addressable, Wireless or a combination of these systems in an integrated site engineered system, Shiramafiretex has the experience and expertise to provide   integrated,  flexible and scalable systems that inspire confidence  and can grow as your needs change.