Integrated Security Solutions

Public safety and security is a growing concern because of the dangers that currently pose to individuals, properties as well as society. At every arena of public life, it is important to implement measures to ensure public security. As methods of attack increase in frequency, sophistication, and severity, application and security solutions need to meet and surpass these threats and to achieve that organizations require higher levels of security.

Traditionally security systems are set up separately and operating multiple systems and managing multiple vendors add up to exaggerated costs and unneeded complexities. That’s why Shiramafiretex delivers integrated security solutions that let you control your entire security landscape across enterprises from a single user interface giving benefits of simplified usage, faster response times, greatly improved overall security, and reduced costs. Shiramafiretex helps their customers achieve peace of mind by providing them their desired level of security with an intelligent security solution to protect what is important to them.

Which System is the Best Option?

Access Control Systems installations in Nigeria is evolving rapidly in complexity from simple standalone systems to integrated networked systems including web-Based systems especially with the ever increasing number of high rise building and residential complexes across major cities in Nigeria. Installation of Wireless Systems is equally growing rapidly especially in already existing buildings.

Shiramafiretex is a leading Access Control Systems Installer in Nigeria and has the expertise to design, install and maintain advanced Access Control solutions and systems that are reliable, flexible and survivable tailored for a wide range of buildings, applications and markets. We offer complete support in the layout, installation and assessment of these systems.

Beyond security, our electronic facility access control technology delivers valuable business intelligence, allowing you to know who is entering and leaving your facilities, as well as the time and duration of the visit, all while keeping a record of activity relating to facility access.

Our layered approach to access control systems installations allows a number of different solutions to be brought together to form a comprehensive solution. A variety of access control readers, doors, gates and devices allow us to deliver the right equipment, products and technology for every installation.

From Turnstile and Revolving doors, Standalone Access Control Systems, Electronic RFID and Biometric Access Control Systems, our solutions can deter, detect, prevent and apprehend suspected criminals.

At Shiramafiretex, we can customize access control system for any commercial, retail, public or business environment that

  • Prevent unauthorized visitor access
  • Restrict employee access to sensitive areas
  • Easily manage access credentials
  • Accommodate trusted vendors and suppliers
  • Generate traffic reports by time-of-day, day-of-week and more
  • Track entry/exit times by employee or department
  • Retrieve audit data for review in case of a workplace incident
  • Perform centralized lock-down in the event of an emergency security threat
  • Administer your access control system remotely or have our company manage it for you
  • Enhance the way you protect your people, assets and facilities




  • We can, with system Installed and serviced by one company, with one point of accountability, strengthen your security program with access control solution that integrates into your existing infrastructure and operations related to safety and security.
  • We’ll match your needs to the most effective technologies at affordable prices, employing resilient platforms and interactive operations with fire and security to provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Support your entire lifecycle, including testing, inspection and preventive maintenance.
  • We add value to your operations and handle all phases of access control system layout and configuration, installation, maintenance, inspections and testing with our local service and support.
  • Our comprehensive maintenance can make your job easier by improving serviceability, reducing costs and saving time.

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Shiramafiretex as an expert installer of  Access Control Systems in Nigeria,will source from among the best world leading brands of  Intercom Security Systems and Equipment including the following: