CCTV & Surveillance Systems

A CCTV security system is a network of cameras that is setup to capture video images and transmit it to a limited audience. The viewers of CCTV footage are usually determined by the purpose of installing the cameras. Most individuals and businesses use these systems for surveillance and monitoring purposes only. However, the cameras can be used in several other applications.
Common Applications for CCTV Security System

  • Crime Prevention
  • Public Safety Applications
  • Industrial Safety and Monitoring
  • Management Tool
  • Post-Event Evidence Tool
  • Traffic Monitoring

Whether it’s about protecting your home or any private property from prying eyes, there are two common types of systems used for video surveillance, CCTV Cameras and IP Cameras..


Whether stand-alone or part of an integrated security system, CCTV cameras can be called upon to perform a number of functions for the organizations which use them, detection, deterrence, reassurance, evidence, access control and facility management. Utilizing our in-house security consultants, we have embraced verified security CCTV technologies, video transmission technology and network/IP communications as part of our core CCTV service; so ensuring we can meet customer requirements to provide CCTV system installation and CCTV system support for our high reliability, multi-functional, tailor-made CCTV solutions.

Whatever your needs, Shiramafiretex has the expertise and experience to design, install and maintain advanced CCTV Security system that is reliable, flexible and survivable tailored for a wide range of applications

Our layered approach to CCTV Security systems allows a number of different solutions to be brought together to form a comprehensive solution.

We’ll match your needs to the most effective technologies at affordable prices, employing resilient platforms and interactive operations to provide comprehensive solutions.

We’ll support your entire system lifecycle, including testing, inspection and preventive maintenance. .

Shiramafiretex as an expert installer of CCTV Systems in Nigeria, we will source from among the best world leading brands of  SmartHome Security Systems and Equipment including the following: